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Where to fish in and around Moncton?

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hello, I may be making a trip out to Moncton this summer, I'm wondering where I'd be able to fish in and around the city?
Lets say no more than 45 minutes out of the city and not far from the road. I'm not looking to get lost in an unfamiliar place lol.

Looking on google maps as well the interactive fishing regulation map to see what I can find and while I see the Petitcodiac River and a number of the streams that flow into it around the area, being so affected by the tidal bore, is it even fit to fish in?
Halls Creek?
Humphreys brook?
Babineau Creek?
Jones Lake?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I should add, I'm not looking specifically for any kind of fish, I'm just trying to catch some different fish for fun.
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The petitcodiac has stripers but it’s really hit or miss and a difficult river to fish with the mud flats. Some of the small streams around moncton have trout. I’d try some of the wharfs like cap pele or Shediac for stripers. If you end up in Fredricton or St. John there are infinitely more fishing opportunities.
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Yup. North for the best trout/Salmon and great Striper fishing. South for most other fishing spots, but the Moncton area isn’t great unless you know the area
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