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I'm always looking for old fishing related items from rods, reels, lures, flies, boxes, creels, nets, taxidermy, artwork, paddles, old fishing photos, catalogs and everything else fishing related.

Hardy, Allcocks, Vom Hofe, Bogdan, Cemm, Thomas and Thomas, LLBean, Orvis, Heddon, Creek Chub, Milward, Leonard, Older Abu, Farlow, Wheatley, Doaks just to name a few of the many makers I'm interested in.

Also very interested in locally made equipment by Dalzell, Scribner and Baillie or anything else made in New Brunswick including older hand made lures etc.

I always make very fair offers on items that interest me as I collect and I'm not looking to make a profit on items. I also have a few extra old rods/reels that I'm willing to trade for items of equal value.

Please contact with any tackle you would be interested in selling.

I have dalzell most likely 150 years old with three tips. It is six pieces plus handmade holder for all of it and it is signed by his daughter.
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