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1- yes you will catch striped bass around the bouctouche area fishing from surf. It is not considered inland waters and you do NOT need any permits to fish tidal waters. If I go out during that time you would be more then welcome to join us but you might have to drive 30minutes or so... As for spots too many people spy on this site and never share info and knowledge so send me a PM and ill do my best to point you in the right direction.

2- Yes you can fish anywhere as no one owns the beach(altho some pple think they do) they do own the beach access though and that is where it becomes tricky to find accessible spots look for parked cars or even spots that the road is close to the beach also any wharfs are public and are always popular fishing spots but I don't recommended you to bring your dog if you are to fish off a wharf.

3- You are allowed to dig clams there are a few popular spots in bouctouche I recommend you drive around the area on low tide near the dunes you will most likely see some diggers around. for the rules I think its 100 clams per day and they have to be 2" or more in length.

Enjoy your vacation


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