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Sullivan Strech Crown Reserve

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I'm headed to Sullivan in Late August(27-29)....looks like I will be catching all the fish with sore If you have been or are going to Sullivan. Let me know how you made out, how many caught, what flies used, best pools, and any other pointers!
Thanks alot guys!
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SalmonSaver it was a long time ago when I fished this stretch with my father, so my info is vague at best. We had it towards the end of July. The camp is not on the river, and it would be a long hike without a wheeler. The road/trail heading to the river takes you to the top pool (I can't remember the names)there is a large rock and fish lay just in front of it. The water was very low when we were there, and we had to be very careful so as not to spook the fish. Small brown bombers with white tails worked best for us. About half way down the stretch is the best pool. For the life of me I can't remember the name...sturgeon maybe? It is/was the only pool that had decent holding water. This was the only pool we could move fish in. There were only a couple of fish in the Sullivan pool and they were very gun-shy. It looked like a nice pool though and I bet it would produce quite well if the water levels were up a bit.
Someone told me that at the very tail end of the stretch there is a very good pool, but I guess we never got down to it.
The only advice I can give is fish either 6 or 4 lb leader, cast lightly, and enjoy
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