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Use a rig similar to that of a carolina rig without beads. Don't use wire leaders, don't go over a good quality 20lb monofilament. The best hooks I've found are high quality wide gap plastic worm hooks. Don't use too large of a size, but a size large enough that it will not easily bend and straighten out on a large sturgeon. Use weight of 3/4 to 1oz. Don't use braided line because the sturgeon can feel you too. It's best to let your rod sit than to hold it, trust me, you won't feel half the bites you see even with an expensive graphite rod. Let him tap tap tap at it, pick up the rod slowly while not letting the fish feel you moving the rod, point the rod at the fish and slowly reel up your slack and just as you are about to put the slightest tension on your line WHAM, set the hook. As for bait, think like a fish... what are you going to eat if your a giant vacuum cleaner laying on the bottom with dozens of other sturgeon also waiting to pick up a meal. Oh ya, those whiskers are on sturgeon for a reason, the feel around for the bait and probably feel the bait for anything suspicious if they are an educated (meaning hooked before) sturgeon. Don't use a huge rod, something with a light tip and some backbone is all that is needed. As for tricks, spots and secret baits, the rest is up to you, but this what you need to know to get started. I hear early spring is good and of course the fall... I've only ever caught the odd baby sturgeon any other time of year.
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