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Sturgeon Hotspots

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I have never fished for Sturgeon, but have been told it was fun. So this year i want to go catch my first one.... Where are some places where people have had great success catching Sturgeon, and would be a great place to land my first one?
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I'd be up for doing a Sturgeon hunt this weekend at Sturgeon Alley in canoe if I had someone to join me. Not looking to try it solo, at least not the first time. I've got the canoe, and a suitable rod for myself, you would just need your rod, some snacks and a couple arms to help paddle! PM me if your interested!
Hey Pete,

If I get enough energy to paddle out and back solo or find a partner I'll look for you. Otherwise I'll try some other areas and hunt sturgeon another time.

Sounds good Brownman. Just pm me and we can figure out the timing!
4 boats on Sturgeon alley this morning. between us all I think there was just a handful of perch and one small catfish. On the ride back to meenan's cove beach I seen one jump close to the red marker where you turn down towards hampton or back towards meenans cove beach.

The water is crazy high. The dock at meenan's cove beach is completely submerged. Once the water comes down things should start to pick up... I hope.
We passed them on Meenan's Cove road on our drive back home sometime around 12:30 that afternoon. They probably would have been launched off Meenan's Cove beach launch shortly thereafter. We were wondering if they were going to be doing training exercises or actually doing license/registration checks and such.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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