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So what is your "Line up" of equipment for stripped bass ?

I like Storm Swim'n eel(BE)-10 1/2"

Storm Giant Flatstick (591,598) 8 1/2 "

Various Rapala Big Game Lures

Cabelas big game rod and reel combo
Camera For the trophy shot

Food etc.

If you dont mind sharing i would love to here.


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my line up always includes a couple of rod reel combos. i have broken 2-3 a year on average fishing stripers (it`s dark so some get stepped on, others destroyed by the nasty fish! landing a striper on a broken rod or reel with parts breaking off it is wild, yet i do manage to get them in... most times. lol!)

after that, i depends on where i`m fishing for lures etc. some sort of crank works almost everywhere.

i always take a fish grip with me now - better control of the big fish and much safer for both me and the striper, it`s like a better thumb. i prefer it to a boga style since the boga styles allow the striper to spin and are a bit nasty on the stripers mouth.

a light.

measuring devices - tape and scale (although my favorite striper scale just died - to much salt).

plyers and often cutters.

a cushion or hot seat - those rocks are hard when you are taking a break. same for sitting in a kayak.

some water, maybe some munchies.

now most times a camera.

something for my feet if i`m shore fishing or kayaking or even regular boating, so i can walk into the water if i need to and not be bare foot.

oh, and a heavy bag if i plan to keep a striper - they slide right through most grocery and garbage bags.
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