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Striper fishing

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I never fished Stripers before (usually do trout/salmon).

However, I'd like to know where can I go near Moncton? I heard that some ppl are fishing from the shore most of the time.

- What are you suggesting for baits?

- I probably need a solid rod and reel I guess, I doubt that my 6.5' trout rod can survive this kind of action
Any suggestion on what I should look for as for a rod, reel and line weight?

Any specific rule or regulation I should know before?
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gdog, there is a point near moncton commonly fished for stripers...and i can't remmeber the name!! sorry, i'm drawing a blank. however, fishing the edge of the spillway at the causway should be an idea. think big floating cranks, 4-6 in swim baits, and bait. for bait think shell fish or big cut baits...and expect to loss a few bait rigs. think change of tides, rocks with current swirling around. almost like trout fishing mixed with smallie fishing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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