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Stoney Brook

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anyone ever been here? best pools? hows the camp? Any info would be great
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I would spend some time up at Brandy Landing if I were you. Had allot of luck up there. But get ready for the hike of your life. Well worth it though, beautiful scenery!
thanks karavanman i'm pretty pumped to go up there for sure!
Yeah you should be pumped. It's quite the nice stretch.
I believe it has a new camp on it. Lots of nice pools, Whitney pool is probably the best pool close to camp. The narrows at the top of the stretch is probably the nicest pool, lots of fish to see in the tail out, lots of fish to see in the deeper part from the north ledge. Be warned! this is one of the more difficult stretches to fish. Slippery, difficult wading.Steep banks, lots of places to fall to your death.(like Cruikshank) I stupidly carried a large cooler full of beer down to the narrows from the south trail or lack of trail and scared the **** out of myself.I considered leaving the cooler there. The trip down to the falls pools... that's another story. Don't want to deter you, it's an awesome stretch, but if you want to see the upper pools, take a quad and it helps if your part billy goat. Good luck!
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thanks bownzee, ya i have heard that there could be some tuff hiking but we are bring a quad. Going to try and hit all the pools but it all depends on how many ******* me and the boys have, thanks for the advice and i will be sure to report how we make out thanks again
It is a new camp - rigged for a generator.

Can't beat the camp right from your cooler...and normally holds fish!
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