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Hey guys,
I have not been small mouth fishing before - more of a trout and salmon guy- but I really want to get into it. Could someone give me some spots to try in Saint John area that I don't have to drive too far for.

I hear you can get them in the Hammond? Is that true?
Where do smallies hang out in rivers? Pools, or in weeds and grass?
Or should I stick to lakes?
What time of day is best? etc...etc...

I am also fishing with a fly, so any tips on that would also help.


Fletc B
Hey Fletch,

If I recall correctly you are the gentlemen who lives near my self, in the Golden Grove area. I live on Hunter Lake my self.

I know of a couple spots near by us that you can fish smallies, and I will share them with you.

You can in fact catch smallmouth in the Hammond River. And a place I have had much luck catching them, both on fly and using a spinner rod. Is under the covered bridge in Smith town. Directly underneeth the bridge, is a nice pool. You can catch some decent smallmouth there. My largest in that little pool last year was 15".

Of course, this spot is filled with swimmers often, on nice days. So, you are best off going on a day that is not for swimming.

Another place near to us, is Treadwell Lake. Treadwell is directly across the street from the Airport. You can catch both trout and smallmouth bass in that lake.

Any questions, feel free to ask!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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