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Petitcodiac Watershed

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The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance is currently monitoring a fish trap in the Petitcodiac River. It is giving us some idea of what species of fish are abundant in the river (gaspereaux and suckers,) but not a lot of anything else. In order to get a better survey of fish species present in this watershed, I am hoping that the fishermen who are fishing in this watershed will tell me what they are catching through this forum. Also looking for ideas from you on how what we could do in terms of restoration to boost fish stocks. Any observations or ideas would be welcome. You guys are out there everyday, and I can't be everywhere so I'm hoping you will help me out. The Petitcodiac watershed includes the Pollett river, Little River, North River, Memramcook River, Halls Creek, Jonathan Creek,Anagance River, and many more.

Also could you give me observations in changes in the watershed as a result of the opening of the causeway gates, good or bad, we want to hear it.
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Someone posted that they caught a pickerel last week, if they are in the river and breeding it'll be money wasted stocking salmon. I caught several pickerel in the Saint john river, 2 were hooked deep so I kept them. While i was cleaniong them, I noted that one was a female and full of eggs, not sure when they spawn but it must be later on as these eggs were small.
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