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Here is a list of NWTF Banquets for 2012.

Saint John River Valley, NB
Event Date:
04/21/2012 Location: Hilton-Saint John- Trade Centre One Market Square Saint John, NB E2L4Z6 Contact: Rob Wilson Phone: (506) 757-8062 Email: [email protected]

Truro Struttin Gobblers, Canada
Event Date: 04/28/2012 Location: Royal Canadian Legion Truro Branch 42 Brunswick Street Truro, NS B6L3K5 Contact: Neil Stewart Phone: (902) 899-3494 Email:
[email protected]

Bluenose Longbeards, Canada
Event Date: 07/07/2012 Location: Royal Canadian Legion Hall 703 Main St Hwy #7 Dartmouth, NS B2Y3P6 Contact: Terry Smith Phone: (902) 497-1611 Email: [email protected]

New Brunswick Local Chapter #1, NB
Event Date: 06/02/2012 Location: All Seasons Restaurant 1015 Main Street Sussex, NB E4E2M6 Contact: Leo Moore Phone: (506) 433-5533 Email: [email protected]

If at all possible please plan to attend one or all of the banquets. Just by attending a banquet you are showing your government how much support this initiative has. If no one shows up for the banquet it can be viewed that there is little support so why worry about that issue. At our last Banquet in Saint John we had two cabiniet ministers and a third MLA, we sat them right up front and center and when folks were asking me when we were getting wild turkeys I would point out the Minister of Natural Resources and say why don't you go over and ask him. So in my mind these banquets are about alot more than eating and fundraising. Another interesting thing that happened was when I was showing pictures of NB wild turkeys and NB born wild turkey poults to the other cabinet minister and he said to me "so this is conclusive proof that wild turkeys are reporducing in NB" and I replied yes that's right and no one can dispute that those poults born in the wild aren't true NB wild turkeys, not released birds and are deserving of the full protection afforded to any other species. I have included my contact information if anyone wants to get a hold of me for any reason.

Cheers See you at the next banquet.

Bill Gass
email: [email protected]
phone: 506-357-6931
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