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NW Miramichi

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Just wondering if somebody heard about the fishing on the NW miramichi around the horseshoes, thanks

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nut--how ya doin--goin to get any fishing done this summer?
I'm good! how about you???? looking forward to getting things going...first weekend is the 12th, full force from july 1-18, so hopfully the run is good, if not i'll cut it short and save some time for later in the year. Got a special trip to the Square Forks this year
Friend of mine got invited to bighole on the NW, so who knows that could turn into something as well....all is good. bring it on!!!
the big hole!!??--my camp is very close and i don't get a crack at it(they booted me out one day) -that is some pool--i'm off those first two weeks of july as well--maybe i'll see you around
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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