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Atlantic Salmon Federation News
Wed, October 26, 2011

Salmon Summit says Atlantic salmon may be moving north
Dr. Ken Whalen notes that southern Atlantic salmon on both sides of the Atlantic are in jeopardy, but also that adjustments are being made to climate change.

ASF's Jonathan Carr was interviewed on the Salmon Summit, and the video can be watched at:

Genetically Modified Salmon Much in News Recently
Genetically Modified Atlantic salmon have been the focus of a series of forums held across Atlantic Canada. While the focus has been on food issues, there are also concerns about the eventual impact on wild salmon populations. For one report:

The financing of AquaBounty has also come under media scrutiny. The UK's Guardian has one detailed article on the company hoping to produce the GM Salmon

Environment Canada internal records also say they are uncertain that they can keep GM salmon from harming wild salmon in the long term.

ISA Found in BC Salmon say researchers, including UPEI
The announcement by researchers that they have found ISA in Pacific salmon has been a bombshell, with repercussions spreading in both Canada and the USA. Check out this recent article on it:

Irish Salmon designated as "Vulnerable"
For the first time, the committee assessing wild populations in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland has designated Atlantic salmon as Vulnerable.

The end of Atlantic salmon recreational angling season
On Oct. 31 the angling season ends on the Northumberland Strait rivers of Nova Scotia. Reports continue to come in that numbers of large Atlantic salmon returning to these rivers has increased this year, as the returns have for so many other rivers.
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