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Atlantic Salmon Federation News

Aquaculture Expansion Proposed in Nova Scotia
A proposal to site an aquaculture farm on NS's Eastern Shore threatens already stressed wild Atlantic salmon. Read Jim Gourlay's opinion piece on this alarming new development.

Top Canadian Scientific Panel Warns on Aquaculture impacting Ocean Diversity
The Royal Society of Canada commissioned a panel of top scientists to examine threats to ocean diversity. The resulting study provides facts on aquaculture, and stresses the potential impacts of aquaculture, along with the need for baseline studies. The report can be downloaded.

A New Flyfishing Magazine "10&2" Brings Out Beauty of Margaree - and Salmon
A new online magazine has great photos and interesting articles on the Margaree, and on Atlantic salmon, including an interview with Bill Taylor on magazine page 180. At the moment the "Subscribe" allows free access to reading the articles. Check it out.

More Newfoundland Court Convictions
While there is always room for improvement in fisheries enforcement, Newfoundland consistently brings charges, and achieves convictions, related to fishing laws. The latest three convictions are noted.
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