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Atlantic Salmon Federation News
Nov. 3, 2011

Charges Laid Against Aquaculture Company and Executives
An aquaculture company and three executives each face 11 charges related to cypermethrin found in a series of lobster kills. Read details.

Check out ASF's backgrounder on Cypermethrin and Sea Lice

Move Aquaculture Inland - NY Times
Should salmon farms move inland? A New York Times opinion piece raises the issue based on ISA in BC and sea lice in general. The writer also notes that it is just too easy to ignore regulations when operating at sea.

Net Loss in Newfoundland Court
In Newfoundland, more cases of netting salmon went to court. Read the results

Controlling Genetically Modified Salmon
The Genetically Modified salmon continue to be in the news. One of the more recent stories was from CBC, noting that AquaBounty was willing to sell its eggs to any approved fish farmers willing to grow them on land. The statement caught many environmentalists off guard, and raises fears of controls breaking down and wild Salmon being put at risk if growing these salmon is approved by governments.
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