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Lure Painting

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I started painting some muskie lures this year with spray paint and have had mixed results, but after refining my technique i'm pretty confident that they'll catch some fish! will post pics soon.

the only problem i have been having is painting the eyes. as it is hard to make tiny eyes with a can of aerosol paint i have been using paint pens. when i put a clearcoat on, the eyes run. going to brush on eyes with paint from the cans from now on.

i have a badger 200 airbrush i want to start using as soon as i have time to figure the damn thing out lol

does anybody else build/paint crankbaits? i'd like to learn from what other people are doing.
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Take a nail and dip the head of it in paint and dab in on your lure.... Try different colors white black,, red yellow....Good Luck
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