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My father, two weeks ago, took a stumble in the Nashwaak river about 1km up river from Macglaggan Bridge (just up river from Nashwaak bridge).
He ended up loosing his fly rod case that was around his shoulder. So if anyone has found this case floating by or stuck in some branches, he would looove to get it back.

The story gets a bit funny.. I seen this happen so I scrambled out of the water from where I was fishing (up river from him) and ran down the narrow shoreline going after it as it rushed through the angry rapids. When I caught up with and passed it, I entered the water as careful as I could in an attempt to cut it off - not careful enough, as I slipped on a large slimy rock under water. In the pond I went. When I collected myself, I couldn't locate the case again for the life of me..

Oh well - have to laugh at some things
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