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News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

The Mid-August Atlantic Salmon Report
With the middle of the month come new government numbers on returns, along with more angler and camp reports on the Atlantic salmon situation. Read the reports on the up-to-date ASF River Notes.

Maine's Working Waterfront Covers the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Appeal
An article provides details of the court appeal launched by ASF and its partners against having salmon farms in St. Mary's Bay in southwest Nova Scotia.

Trapnet Project in Labrador Explained in Two Languages
An interview with Chris Montague discussing a trapnet project being jointly developed by ASF, the Metis community and other partners that will ensure large Atlantic salmon are released to continue to spawning beds.

Transmitter found in freezer
When a Vermont angler took home an Atlantic salmon, he wasn't counting on it being tracked. Read the story.

BC's Cohen Commission About to Hear Evidence on Diseases and Aquaculture
We have the schedule for the list of those providing information for this commission looking into the Fraser River Sockeye situation.
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