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Late fall angling

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Still some activity on the forums around stripers, sturgeon and muskies, but I'm curious if anyone else takes a nice day like this and throws their line in the water at this time of year for other species. I imagine it's a lot tougher for other targets given most of the weeds and cover is now gone, and of course lakes are off-season now so this belongs in tidal. What else is out there to catch until the hardwater season officially arrives?

Saw a gallery pic of tommycod and that plus catching a fair number of my own in the past couple weeks got me thinking.
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buddy a di took yesterday off work and fished a few spots, no luck but it was just nice to be out and enjoying such an awesome day.
Same here I went fishing 4 times in tidal water since Oct. 15th. Caught one small mouth and maybe a handful of pickerels since. Last outing was yesterday. Fishing gears are in basement now.
I tend to mostly do hunting this time of year, although now that I've tagged my deer, the grouse are few and far between, and the rabbits seem to have vanished since this past summer, I'm very tempted to hit the water again.
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