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Lake Utopia

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Hey guys, plan on fishing lake Utopia here in the near future, either by canoe or boat, ive only fished it a few times frm shore and was wondering what its like with a boat, are there a ton of boulders that arent marked like Oromocto Lake?
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the original topic was regarding running the lake in a boat and concern regarding rocks... Are you planning on just fishing the lake or running the river system as well. The lake has some serious transom wreckers around alot of the islands, for the most part the open water of the lake is clear running. best advice, if you're within 150 feet of a shoreline, get off the gas
..... If you are running the Maq river, the only three sections I have concern with is the entrance from the lake to the river. Keep a very large berth before trying to cut to the right or left upon leaving the river, this time of the year, the weeds are there, however, springtime is a different story. second, the covered bridge area has one monsterous boulder pile close to it... It can mangle your lower unit in split second fast or slow. thirdly, there is what we call the "Sisters". coming upon it from either side, you can see from a distance, it's an old train bridge. there is two boulder piles that used to hold support posts, they sit just under the surface, run to the center and you should be fine

Tight Lines
And Utopia is one of the best Lakes around for multi species fishing, there is monsterous fish in it, including the river... however now that some idiot put Picks into Maq system, they have made thier way there now too
.... Just be very active of weather searches if you are in a small watercraft, Utopia can blow up some 4-5 foot swells on the main lake
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