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The usual question this time of the year and I apologize for posting it. The posts from the old site that would answer my question unfortunately could not be switched over ..... so here I go asking the question.

On the Kennebecasis River coming from Moncton where is the divider of where it is catch and release vs fly etc. I noticed a spot on the highway by the Lone Pine Campground (I think it is called) that looks like a good spot but is it catch and keep there or fly only and release of what.


That section that you can see from the highway by the campground is "Artificial lures or flies only" (no bait) all season long, "fly fishing only" as of July 1st, and "Live Release only" (specifically for trout) at all times. It is also "Guide required" water if you happen to be a non-resident.

The actual division that defines the "live release" section is downstream several kilometres (as the stream flows) from that campground. It is the bridge on McCully Station Rd which is just next to the potash mine on Rte 114. The live release section continues upstream to Ketchum's Brook. Everything upstream of the bridge at McCully is artificials only and live release only.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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