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News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)

Silver Donald Cameron did a great job of pulling together the reasons for keeping salmon farms out of the ocean in general, and far from Nova Scotia wild salmon in particular.

Salmon barriers can play a positive role in safeguarding our wild Atlantic salmon runs. The NB Wildlife Fed'n explains why they are needed in New Brunswick. Interesting ideas for other places.

In Canada, Auditors General have drawn attention regularly to poor forest and water planning, impacting salmon and other fish. Don Ivany, ASF Director of Programs in NL, gives a perspective on the latest report in Newfoundland.

Incidentally, each year, ASF carries out three draws, one for anglers, and two for outfitting camps that have demonstrated their commitment to live release. Angler Frances Renfrew of San Francisco, CA, won a framed copy of the Bruno Bobak painting Restigouche Evening. She made the commitment to total release by buying the New Brunswick live release license.

Bullock's Lodge, formerly known as the Tuckaway Cabins at Boiestown, NB, won a free page of advertising in the Atlantic Salmon Journal in the draw for new camps that ASF has recognized in the past year. Dhoon Lodge in Black Duck Siding, NL also won a free full page of advertising in the draw for formerly-recognized camps that remain committed to strong promotion of live release. For more information on the program go to:
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