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I just wanted to share some great customer service I received from Karavan trailers.(
I had a bad bearing seal on one side of my boat trailer so decided to replace them all.(bearings,races,seals).
So I Googled my trailer model and could not find out any info on it at all. Went to the Karavan web site( and again nothing. So I contacted Karavan's customer service via email. I gave them my model number, and VIN, and what info I was looking for. It was maybe an hour went by, and received an email from them with every possible detail about my trailer. Needless to say I was very happy.
I bought some of the parts locally, but the races and seals are unique to Karavan trailers and proved difficult to find.
So I decided to buy them directly from Karavan's on line parts store( I found everything I was looking for but could not complete the check-out due to technical issues. Customer service tried to fix the problem a few times, but were unsuccessful. Karavan customer service took all my information and my order and sent it to me at "NO Charge" for my troubles. It is great when a company stands behind their products and services.
Well done Karavan Trailers. You have a loyal customer here.

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