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I have fishing gear etc but I always wanted to and don't honestly got the money for it a nice or even just a fly rod and reel you might have hanging around and don't use it for a 20 year old Kid with spunk (me), right now all i have is a hand me down* ugly stik that's about to kick the bucket and fishing is such a passion of mine , Id buy one but I don't have the funds or money to get one if anyone could I guess get a donated Or even sell your old but usable gear cheap ill try my best to get you some money together or if you are looking for trades Id love to get a good set up together but money is not free flowing here in the northend lol anyway not looking for rude comments etc just hoensty if ya have anything you could spare that would be amazing
I know i should be working and buy my own stuff... Ive heard it all But if i wasn't a dumb kid with a minor record I'd have a job to do so... Im a changed kid just dying to have a tackle and rods to do my thing this summer

P.s. - this is not for anyone to pitty me just honestly wouldnt mind your unused gear ! I'll put it to use !
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