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The type of trout species, the water body, and the personal preference of the angler. I tested the following three reel combinations for trout fishing. You can refer to

1. Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo
This combination is ideal for catching small to medium-sized trout in streams, rivers, or lakes. Ultralight spinning reels are lightweight, capable of handling light lines, and have a smooth drag system that helps keep the fish hooked. A 6' to 7' ultralight rod paired with a 1000 to 2000 series spinning reel is perfect for this type of fishing.
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2. Baitcasting Reel and Rod Combo

Baitcasting reels are best for catching bigger and stronger trout, usually found in lakes, reservoirs, or larger rivers. The spool in a baitcasting reel offers better casting accuracy and greater line capacity, while their drag systems can handle heavier lines and greater fish pressures. A 6' to 6'6" medium power rod paired with a low profile baitcasting reel is ideal for this type of fishing.
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3. Fly Fishing Reel and Rod Combo
Fly fishing is a popular method for trout fishing, with the fly rod and reel being the most critical parts of the setup. Fly rods are usually designed to cast light lines and lures accurately, while fly reels act primarily as line storage. A 9' to 10' fly rod matched with a reel designed specifically for fly fishing, such as those with a large arbor, is perfect for catching trout in most bodies of water.
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