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Just to reiterate, the Hammond River Classic is a species tournament, which means the winners will have caught, photographed, and released the most individual species of fish. This makes for an interesting tournament as anglers who are proficient at catching a few species don't necessarily know how to catch ALL available species, and therefore must hone their lesser skills to compete. It makes for an even playing field for everybody. In the event of a tie, total fish lenght will be the tie-breaker. But beware: If ipop has a 5 foot sturgeon and a 19 inch smallie, and BobD has an 8" yellow perch, a 9" white perch, and an 8" pumpkinseed, he beats ipop. So don't go spending most of your day trying for the long fish like sturgeon and the eels. Concentrate on numbers, not lenght.
Again this year, a garbage bag of trash picked-up during your day along the river bank will count as a fish species.

Here are the available species within the tournament boundaries:
-Smallmouth bass
-Largemouth bass
-Stripped bass
-Chain pickerel
-Atlantic Sturgeon
-Shortnosed Sturgeon
-Yellow Perch
-White Perch
-American Eel
-Brown Bullhead (Catfish)
-Brook Trout
-Sea-run Brook Trout (will count as an individual species if caught)
-Tiger Trout
-Rainbow Trout
-Brown Trout
-*** There are also a few varieties of hybrid fish which, if caught, will count as individual fish species. You will know you caught one, as you will ask yourself "what the heck is THIS?"***

You still have two months, folks! Better do your homework and figure out how to catch the most variety on this list!
For full details on this kayak fishing tournament (open to canoes as well) and to sign-up, please visit
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