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Fluke Fishing

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Been seeing a lot of feeds from the USA, that the fluke population is heading our way! Because of the warming oceans, certain species of fluke/flatfish/flounder seem to be migrating north as they have less competition for food. My question, is does anyone fish for them around NB? It is a blast fishing for them, and I would really like to try it out again! Thanks guy.
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I can't tell one flatfish from another. They're pretty good, though.
winter flounder have eyes on right side and no teeth

summer flounder (flukes) have eyes on the left side and have teeth
much of a population around here of either? if so, where would you fish them?
Used to fish them at Five Islands NS years ago haven't tried lately though. I believe they were flounder don't know what type I was pretty young at the time.
iPop has taken a couple of us flounder-fishing in the winter, casting into the surf near Saint John. Not much luck but it was one of those brief periods where the weather breaks in what turned out to be a very long cold season and it was a great day to be out.

I've heard the Reversing Falls is full of flounder, but not tried for them. Others would know more.
thanks guys! I am going to try a few locations, and I will let everyone know the results!
there are a number of flounder species in the bof, the most common caught is the winter flounder. the flounder in the reversing falls area are mostly b yellow tails. we do not have summer flounder/flukes here...yet!
A few of us went out from Mispec Beach yesterday in kayak fishing, ideally for flounder. All we caught were sculpin and a couple pollock. I must have hauled in about 15 sculpin, most of them small (10 - 12 inches). One however was just over 16 inches, and very fat. Easily the biggest sculpin I've ever seen.


Talking to Dad after, apparently back home in Newfoundland, they use wrinkles (snails) as the go to bait for flounder. They would never use worms back home like we were using yesterday. I don't know what type of flounder they would catch back in Newfoundland, as I only fished with worms off the dock as a boy catching sculpin and what we called tommy cod (not the same as the tommy cod here).
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My Dad always swore that the best bait for flounder was soft shell clams we always had great success with them.
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