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Fishing Kayak

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Im looking at getting a fishing kayak. Any suggestions? Pro and cons. What should I be looking for.
Any suggestions would certainly help.
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Well just found out yesterday that my Moken won't be in until July. But great news, Paul from ecological adventures has agreed to loan me a trident or a tetra until mine shows up I've agreed to the Trident 11. Looks like that's one I'll have for the tourney.
That trident will serve u well in the derby. see u in 2 weeks
Artyhunter... sucks about the Moken, but I agree with rocketball. The trident is a great kayak and I think you will be happy with it. I'm glad Paul stepped up with a loaner. He is a pretty good guy to do business with.
I love fishing from a Yak. Had it out today on Harts lake. No bass, few perch,one pickerel. Gotta say I love it from a yak. Now I just have to master a baitcaster and I'll be set.
I love fishing from a Yak. Had it out today on Harts lake. No bass, few perch,one pickerel. Gotta say I love it from a yak. Now I just have to master a baitcaster and I'll be set.
I managed to sneak in a couple of hours at the mouth of the Nashwaak late this afternoon. Landed 1 smallmouth (16.5"), and had a whole bunch of hits. Almost all were on a dark green tube with gold flecks. This was actually the first bass I ever landed on a tube. I've had lots of hits, but haven't been able to get the hook set. I must be doing something wrong.
There were no Bass at Harts lake, at least where we were. Maybe I'll try the Naashwak next time.
My buddy and I caught 7 or 8 smbass in Harts Lake last Sat. Most were caught on white spinnerbaits , some on senkos!
Where abouts? We were on the western side by Coys lake.
Caught most on the end where the small campground is and around to the right where the nets were in the water. It was too windy at Coys that day. Went up to swan creek and got 1 bass by the 1st bridge
Finally got my Moken 12 Angler today. Can't wait to take 'er out.
Awesome. Tell us how it works out for you!
Congrats on the purchase Artyhunter!!

I have an Ocean Kayak Trident 13.... Absolutely love it!! Currently rigged with fish finder and all the other standard options with a fishing kayak. In the process of adding a anchor trolley for either anchoring or using a drift sock and adding a Scotty rod holder in front of me so I can troll. The position of the factor rod holders are great for transporting rods but not so much for trolling. Might as well troll when paddling......ya don't catch fish without having your line in the water....
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Love the Moken!! Tracks great, lots of room, love the wheel in the keel.
Question, I want to mount my FF on it, problem is I cant reach into the hull far enough to hold onto the bolts for the mounting plate, any suggestions for mounting screws or something that won't require bolts on the inside of the hull.
are you talking to mount the display/control unit or the transducer? self tapping screws seem to be commonly used for mounting the display, while for the transducer using plumbers putty looks to do the trick.
For best visibility and risk-free, buy a kayak that is bright in color. Yellows, oranges, and bright greens stand out well from the surrounding water. Try to stay away from kayaks that are blue or gray in color. They easily mix in to the surrounding water. Even white, in stormy or spraying waters is very hard to spot.
Find out the best touring kayak
A fishing kayak is a type of kayak designed specifically for fishing. Fishing kayaks are typically wider and more stable than traditional kayaks, which makes them easier to stand up in and cast from. They also often have more storage space and features, such as rod holders and fish finders, to make the fishing experience more comfortable and efficient.
Fishing kayaks come in a variety of styles and sizes, from sit-in kayaks to sit-on-top kayaks. Sit-on-top kayaks are often preferred by anglers because they offer more space and easier access to gear. They also tend to be more stable and easier to maneuver.
Some fishing kayaks are also equipped with pedal-powered propulsion systems, which allow the angler to move through the water without having to use a paddle. This can be especially helpful when fishing in windy or choppy conditions, as it allows the angler to keep both hands free for fishing kayaks in Dubai.
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