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Went for a drive friday afternoon with the girlfriend. Got bored in Moncton. Just so happened I packed the truck with her waders and my gear. Just so happened we went for a countryside drive up to the Northwest Miramichi. For some reason my truck veered that way!
I wanted to bring the girlfriend out to a pool where she could learn to cast and not feel embarrased about it since she is learning. And besides the Northwest is pretty much catch and release and void of fishermen! Nice!

Brought her in to a nice little pool at about 4:30 pm. I got the rod rigged up and put on a small red head butterfly double butt for her. Showed her how to cast in the bathtub pool and she was doing pretty decent. I got my rod rigged up with a #6 white tail green machine and walked over to her to show her a few casts and what to do. On my second cast a grilse comes up and smashes the fly. I immediately handed her the rod and the fish swam right towards us. She had the rod down the entire time and the reel held tight. Then the fish veered and she got her knuckles rapped pretty good from the Hardy Saint John's. I am telling her to keep the rod up and let go of the reel. The fish acted weird with not much water to move around. After 3 minutes the fly came out but we did get a nice look at the fish only 10 feet away!

I went back up on Saturday morning and fished a pool on the Cains as I heard there were some fish moving through. Well maybe they did but the pool I fished had several large dark salmon. No takers for everyone fishing the pool. The sun was getting really hot and by noon the air temp was 27 celsius. I fished Grey Rapids but the water was too high for good fishing on the pool. I went over to the Little Southwest and the water level was down but not bad. Nobody fishing and I saw a few splash and jump but no takers. The water temps were at 72 F.

I then headed to Quarryville and fished the rip on the Main Southwest from 7:30 til dark and landed a small grilse above the rip as the tide was coming in. Used a white tail green machine #6. That was at 9:30pm. Water temp on the main river was 70 F. Only a few caught in the rising tide.

46 hooked and 32 landed as of July 16th

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