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My favorit fly was one i came up with last year but never gota real chance to fish it, its called the Killifish and ive used it a lot this spring and have caught 3 black salmon and lost 2, have gotten tons of trout on it , and the other day i was out on maquapit and decided to throw it for awhile just for kicks and i ended up getting a 12" white perch as well as a 15" pickerel on it...havnt figured out how to post pics yet but here is the recipe
Hook- streamer hook, what ever size you want ive used from #8 - #4 2hx 9xl
Thread- black 6/0
Tail- smaller versions i use banded woodduck, larger i use grizzly hackle tips
underbody- oval tinsel
body- olive green floss
rib- oval silver tinsel
underwing- yellow bucktail
wing- pearl crystal flash
gills- orange hackle tips
head- purple finger nail polish
Thanks for the info
Do you have a picture by the way?
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