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My hands down go-to trout fly is the wooleybugger and it's variations.Weighted,non-weighted,kf,bow river buggers etc....plain old black works as good as anything.I almost always have a bugger tied on unless I'm fishing dries and/or matching a hatch and have caught literally thousands of trout with buggers over the years.Regarding muddlers,they are probly my 2nd fave for searching and I generally match the size to the size of the stream.Tiny #10-12 muddlers for little brooks,larger muddlers for larger streams,rivers and trolling lakes.BowRiverBugger is becoming a favorite of mine in recent years which kinda marries the best of both worlds,muddler/bugger hybrid.

Salmon flies I mostly fish with bugs,green machine variants(duh)
,shadylady,brownbug/orange butt,brownbug/green butt etc.,etc and a few wets,mostly black hairwings(Undertaker,greenbutt blackbear,greenbutt skunk)and a couple butterflies.
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