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Dungarvon River

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Hey everyone,
I'm headed up to the Dungarvon river the weekend of June 26th. If anyone's been there this year and could post an update as to water levels, fish sightings and if hooked then on what, that would be awesome.
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an ally's shrimp is a nice fly as well .. you may hook the odd trout with it
have a great trip and good luck
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Anyone been to this river lately? Water terribly low like all the rest? May head over on the weekend so any info would be great!
Another year, another long awaited trip to my favorite river. Has anyone got any news to share? Water levels and/or fish in the system? I'm headed up this Thursday, June 20, 2013 for a few days ---Can't wait!!! Thanks.
Skip, How was your trip to the Dungarvin? I was just up on Adams Pool and there was a few brights up that far so you'd think they'd be a god ways up te Dungarvin. Lots of water too.
I fished the bridge pool above the head of holtville for about an hour on saturday didn't see a thing, and the rest of fri night + sat fished in Boiestown area and didn't see a fish caught. They must not be up that far yet
Had a great trip, thanks! Didn't get one, but one guy i was with hooked one at the bridge Saturday night and we saw a few more just a little further up the next day. Good fishing. Water level was pretty decent. Quite a few decent trout too.
A friend of mine reported to me that a salmon was caught this past weekend at the bridge pool just near the campground... that is a heck of a ways up that system... Bamford area...
I caught a 10-12 lb. salmon at the bridge pool last Monday.

Also fished same pool and others Wed. and Thurs. with no luck and nothing seen.
Any certain fly pattern that usually works better on the Dungarvon? Or just the usual green machines, blackbears...
Usual. green machine, undertaker, bear hair blue charm.

Fish I caught last week was on a #6 black ghost.
Any certain fly pattern that usually works better on the Dungarvon? Or just the usual green machines, blackbears...
The ones already mentioned, as well as a moose hair. I've caught a few fish on the Dungarvon with this fly.
Same here -- white tailed green machines, blue charms & undertakers are my go-tos
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