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The old Lakeburn School is on Therrien St. in Dieppe.

Driving on Champlain St. out toward the airport it's the second street on the right past the stoplight at the Fisherman's Paradise restaurant.

You'll see the lighted entrance and we're in the basement.

Upcoming at the Dieppe Fly tying Club.

Next week ( Jan 18) we're having a sharpening session and a fur and hair giveaway. One of our member's brother has a sharpening machine and will bring it to sharpen knives, fly tying scissors, etc for a modest fee for all who want this done.

Also another member has obtained a large quantity of fur and hair. These are mainly small pieces of fur from fur coats. etc. left over from a local crafts person who makes teddy bears from old fur coats These pieces are too small or not the right quantity or type for her use and have been donated to the club to share amongst the local fly tyers.

Mink, Muskrat,Seal,dyed rabbit and many other types of fur and animal hair on the skin will be available.

All are for free. Take what you need. Perfect for dubbing, for hairwings, and to experiment with dying fur and hair for your special projects.

See you next Tuesday.
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