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News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)

Wild Atlantic salmon on both sides of the Atlantic are suffering from multiple and varied stresses as a result of aquaculture practices that when combined are taking their toll. Current information on a few of these follow:

Call to Action: Public Comment is being sought until May 3 for the controversial aquaculture sites proposed for St. Mary's Bay, Nova Scotia. If approved, 2 million aquaculture salmon will be brought into this sensitive area, which is open to wave action from the Atlantic. This could lead to cage breaks and escapes of farmed salmon. ASF opposes this proposal and is calling for rejection of further aquaculture development given the threats to already endangered wild Atlantic salmon in the inner Bay of Fundy. It could also impact migrating Saint John River and outer Bay of Fundy smolts.
For more information or to voice your concerns, please visit:

Adaptation Changes in Wild Atlantic Salmon Due to Farmed Salmon Interbreeding: A peer-reviewed study, involving ASF and other researchers, was recently published in the journal, "Heredity". It indicates that farm salmon escapees have interbred with wild salmon in the Magaguadavic River, NB resulting in significant alteration of the genetic integrity of the native population, including possible loss of adaptation to wild conditions. A statement on our research on the Magaguadavic and link to website material on this research can be found at

To read, the abstract visit:

In Scotland, wild Atlantic salmon are 'under threat' from farmed fish and sea lice: Official inspections of Scottish salmon farms have raised concerns over high levels of sea lice and the proper containment of fish. The Scottish government Fish Health Inspectorate reports were obtained by the Salmon and Trout Association. Read this article from The Guardian.
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