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The other day I went on down to canaan river for some bass action. I was not far down the old Fredericton road from Moncton and from where I normally fish, at one of my best spots I have ever been to on the canaan, the water was crazy high! Where I can normally stand at shore, the water was up to my hips...and im 6'2. There is a problem there. Did not catch anything there on the canaan because of the water levels and current, so we went on down to starkeys cove. Fished from shore there and missed a nice size pickerel (25+ inches) he flipped off my spoon at shore...I was angry! The people I was with were using nightcrawlers.....They got catfish. There was a woman there that caught some sunfish, catfish and perch using a bobber and worm.

I guess what I am trying to say is, fishing in the canaan and any river really in that area, is just not that good, unless you can find some nice breaks in the current and Deep banks that are not affected by current either.

Anyone have luck on the canaan lately? That was my first time fishing it for a while now, and usually even in the worst conditions i catch some!

Good luck out on the water,

Trenton <><
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