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Boat launch at HoJo's in Newcastle?

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Did I see a boat launch behind HOward Johnston's Hotel in Newcastle?

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to launch there, or if there is any other hotel in or near the city with a boat launch?

Looking to head up and spend the night but would rather not drive after a full day on the water.
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Ya I do believe there is. There's a good launch at the enclosure as well, which I prefer cause it's good fishing right there you can launch and start fishing.

Yes I would prefer camping at the Enclosure but my buddy says he's too old for camping. He says this even though we have a camper with all the comforts of home, and maybe more than home.

Oh well, HoJo's it is.
Yes thank you NWB.

I would like to avoid driving though, if possible.

However if I have to drive, then no biggie.

Just got off the phone with the hotel and they say they don't have a boat launch. Well, it sure looks like one on satellite photos and i floated by there one day last year and it certainly looked like a boat launch.

But maybe they block it off so the locals don't use their property all the time to get into and out of the water, which I wouldn't blame them for that.
I didn’t think Howard Johnson’s in miramichi had a boat launch but didn’t want to say it didn’t as I wasn’t 100% sure and didn’t want to give you the wrong answer. The Ritchie wharf is maybe a km away so a very short drive lobsterman I know the Rodd Inn in Chatham has a floating dock so boaters can come in off the water and eat at the restaurant but not sure about a launch. There is a launch very close to the Rodd Inn though which is about the same distance as Ritchie wharf from Howard Johnson’s-maybe even a little closer.
Thanks NWB.

HOJO also put in a dock recently. Not sure when they'll install it for this year though.

We're going to hit HoJo's next weekend and use the ramp down the street if the riverbank at the side of their parking lot isn't suitable.
thought ppl may be interested in knowing this.
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