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Atlantic Salmon Federation News

ASF's Researchers in Action - RIVERNOTES
ASF Researchers work especially long days during May and June to track Atlantic salmon going to sea. Follow them through the past two weeks on the Miramichi, Restigouche and across the Baie des Chaleurs.

RIVERNOTES also includes the May 17 update on return numbers of Atlantic salmon to the Penobscot. Good news there!

Read more:

Wild/Farmed Interactions in Nova Scotia
Ralph Surette has written an article entitled Salmon Farming - An Industry that Needs to be Caged, detailing the risks aquaculture poses to Nova Scotia. Read more:

ASF's New Online Auction
ASF has set up an online auction that will open Friday, May 18, for anyone interesting in fly fishing/sporting destination, plus unique sporting equipment and sporting collectables.
More details at

Direct Link to ASF ONLINE Auction site:
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