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News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

Rivernotes Back!
The ASF Rivernotes Blog is in operation again, with angling season open in some areas. There are a couple of notes on the new season, but most of it is devoted to the overwinter analysis of the excellent salmon runs of 2011.

ASF researchers on Friday were adhering satellite transmitters and surgically implanting acoustic transmitters on the Miramichi. Read the full story on this fascinating work that is helping unravel both salmon migrations and mortality at sea.

Meanwhile on the Hammond River where all Atlantic salmon have been assessed as endangered, it appears some anglers have not got the word. Read more.

For a different overview of the past year, ASF's 2011 Annual Report is available for download. Among the highlights are the advances in land-based aquaculture and the study detailing the high economic value of the wild Atlantic salmon.

Aquaculture continues to cause controversy.
In Nova Scotia, there continue to be strong calls for a moratorium until better understanding of the impacts. But in Ireland there has been published a report calling for aquaculture to be placed offshore due to the interactions involving sea lice.
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