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News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)

Impacts of aquaculture and the need for more sustainable practices in the industry to avoid impacting wild salmon were all the news in North America and Europe last week. Links to some of the articles follow:

A meeting in Saint John, NB in which ASF's Sue Scott and Geoff Giffin participated, discussed draft standards for improving the sustainability of the Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry.

A cooperation agreement between wild Atlantic salmon conservation organizations and salmon farmers collapsed over fish farm practices in lochs in northern Scotland.

Shortcomings of present aquaculture practices and the need for sustainable alternatives was the focus of this NY Times article.

A study from the University of Victoria highlights aquaculture's impacts on the natural world and the need for change in the industry.

Senator Snowe of Maine pushes for a halt to the review process for genetically engineered salmon, on grounds the decision making process has been too narrow.

The Atlantic Coalition for Aquaculture Reform, concerned about the development of aquaculture in St. Marys Bay, NS, is calling for a moratorium on new Maritimes fish farm licenses.

Check out the numbers of reported salmon and rainbow escapes from fish farms in Scotland

The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation is now accepting grant requests for projects for the upcoming year.
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