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Hello all!

I was new to fishing altogether last year, so I started with a spin reel, and I have had a great time that way. But everything I read on here and elsewhere tells me that fly fishing is the way to go, and that once I try it I will be hard pressed to go back. That being said, I have read so much about fly rod/reels, but I still cannot seem to figure out what I need as a beginner. So, I am soliciting any help that someone would be willing to give - size of rod, weight, brands. I am mostly mostly looking to fish trout, but also bass and anything else that might catch my eye. I am working on a quite limited budget, but am looking for something that could do me well. Any suggestions??

Thanks everyone!!
Are you near Moncton/Riverview? If yes, go see Bryant's ... honestly you might not found everything on his website but you can def. reach him via email or just go there. This guy is awesome and he will answer all your questions!! Trust me, you won't regretted

Here is the site btw
Eskape Anglers is Open 9AM to 5 PM Email [email protected]
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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