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I just got my rod monday, and I have yet to use it... I know some people are gonna frown at me..but I got the rod and reel setup from walmart but even there it cost me 90$. After what I read in the last 2 weeks about fly fishing, , I came to the conclusion that it better to go with a rod and reel combo when your beginning. I seriously think it gonna take me a few years figuring out how to match what kind of reel with what kind of rod...I still haven figured out if the tippet and the leader is one of the same, or two different lines!!!

So as to not make this not too frustrating and to bring up my fun token factor I went with a rod/reel combo from superfly....mind you I'm not about to hit the pro circuit, but I figured out that if Im able to come up with a nice cast with this rod...eventually when I buy a high-end gonna be like rediscovering the sport all over again.

cheers and happy fishing, fellow Brook Padawan
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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