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Here are some helpful tips:

There is a pool where the No 8 hwy goes over the Bartibog just before Kenna Road. Its a good salmon pool in the fall.

Don't go back Kenna road, as most of the land is private and he pools are extremely hard to get to if you don't know where your going.

Take a drive back the Fraser road which is about 2-3 KM past Kenna on the left. It's well graded so you can easily take your civic back. There are a couple pools inbetween Baileys Bridge and the hwy. I will let you find them for yourself.

A good trout spot on the way to the Big Bog is on the Oldfield road (formerly the old bathurst Hwy) about 6- km back. It't the little Bartibog river. Just below the bridge is a nice pool on a bend. It's fished hard, so you might have to be there early.

Fins and Feathers was okay to walk across the last time I as by in the late spring.

Man I am in Saint John and wishing I was home fishing on the Bartibog rivers. I hope you have a blast! Let me know how you make out.

I hope this helps you out.
This area is fly fishing only right, barbless also I believe... from what I heard anyways...
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