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  1. Gone Fishing
    Figuring the thunderstorms that passed through earlier might have stirred things up, I just got back from a crazy-hours amble through my subdivision. Saved two full tubs of 'crawlers and trout-sized worms from a grisly wheel-induced or fried-on-the-asphalt death.They are now resting safely and...
  2. Sturgeon
    Hey fellas, I am an avid fisherman from Nova Scotia. I recently caught my largest fish being a striped bass measuring in about 37 inches. I have caught quite a few nice sized bass but I am looking for the fish of a lifetime without paying through the nose for an expensive charter. I want to...
  3. General Fishing Questions
    If anyone has fishign gear or tackle they dont use anymore spinners mixed rapala lures etc from small fish to striepr gear, im willing to trade Live Fishing crawlers to supply you for a month for a full tackle or a certain amount per peice of fishing gear just pm me or reply here thanks.
  4. Gone Fishing
    Like I said I don't want no one saying Im spamming because im not the only reason Im posting here is because It'll be a 1 time thing to grab your attention and maybe a few of you will throw it around I have an ad on the classifieds but* Some people dont always see that section on the side ...
1-4 of 4 Results