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  1. Gone Fishing
    Hello, I am fairly new to forums and wondering if anyone can point me to a high action place in and around the saint john area. Id really like to target catfish and any trout (the bigger the better). so if anyone knows any spots, and tips on what to use for bait,and tidal times if i need to...
  2. Gone Fishing
    Looking to drop a canoe in the Kouchibouguac area this weekend. Never fished that area before. Just wondering where is my best bet to catch a few fish (trout or bass). not sure how high up the system I should go this time of year. I will primarily be fly fishing.
  3. General Ice Fishing
    I'm a complete noob when it comes to ice fishing. Looking to try my luck in grand lake as I will be in Hart court this weekend. I'm looking to fish anything and everything. I've fished for smelts before but looking to expand into bigger fish. Are there any good spots not too far from the...
  4. Trout Fishing
    Amazing views and countless brook trout over 20 inches. 23.5 inch was the biggest.
  5. Gone Fishing
    I'm going up to Fredericton from Moncton tomorrow to pick up some stuff. I've heard fishing can be good in that area although I've never been fishing there. Any suggestions on where I could stop by for a few hours while i'm in the area? Any type of fish is good, just looking to fish from the bank.
  6. Trout Fishing
    Looking back on the early 2016 fishing season myself and the fellow anglers in my group cannot help but become extremely excited and optimistic for the upcoming 2017 fishing season. With the success we had early on and the beautiful conditions we had it made for a very enjoyable season for us...
  7. Trout Fishing
    Anyone ever fish the Napan River in Miramichi between Hwy 11 and the mouth of the river? Or above Hwy 11 for that matter? Curious about brookies and stripers.
  8. Trout Fishing
    Hi there, I've recently taken up fishing again after roughly 18 years. My daughter wanted to do some fishing which made me decide to get back into it. I had remembered a few places around Moncton I went to with my older brother or parents as a kid fishing, but they all seem overfished nowadays...
  9. Gone Fishing
    Hi I'm a Steeves who lives in Albert County and fishes a lot...... I know places that you will catch fish ( Any fish you want to catch) I have spots that you can walk to. Or we will walk for a bit..No problem at all. If you want to get ahold of me and go fishing, Hit me with a message...
  10. Trout Fishing
    Have not been trout fishing around this area and would like to know if there are any spots people recommend and around what times?
  11. Trout Fishing
    I never seem to have any luck fishing for trout early on in the season. Went out today for opening day and didn't see a thing. Is it possible to get these guys on a fly this early? Or do you need something that sinks a little more? Also, is it better to fish in the main rivers (ex the Nashwaak)...
  12. Trout Fishing
    Just wondering if anyone has fished any of the Daily Crown Reserve - Trout Lakes? (California Lake, Kenny Lake, Caribou Lake, Goodwin Lake, Peaked Mountain Lakes, Valentine Lake) I was thinking of trying one or two this year but have no idea what they fish like or how difficult they are to...
  13. General Fishing Questions
    Hey folks, New to the waters in southern NB. Was wondering if anyone knows the fishing regulations for West River near Alma, you cross over it on the 114 on the way. Looks like it would be home to some good fishing, nice clear water by the looks of er anyways. Could be wrong but looks like it...
  14. Fly Fishing
    Hello, I am getting into fly fishing this year. Been spin fishing the last few years and wanted to add to the obsession. I also want to start tying my own flies. I just recently bought a kit and a book titled "The Fly Fishing Bible". I was told the other day that most flies in that book for...
  15. General Ice Fishing
    Hey all. Just wondering if there is any area in NB or possibly NS that has someplace to stay and maybe a place to ice fish? Would like to take my father out sometime for a weekend. Not sure if there is a spot that you can stay and rent the gear or they have shacks setup etc. Thanks Chris
  16. Trout Fishing
    Hi I was wondering if some people knew some good spot to fish trout around Shediac. Thanks James
  17. Fly Fishing
    Hey guys, I was just wondering everyone's opinion on what flies are best to use this time of year. Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks! Tight Lines
  18. Trout Fishing
    Only 5 days left until the season opens! time to get our lines in the water and catch these trout!
  19. Trout Fishing
    Took my 9 year old son out for our last fishing trip of this season and the very first trout we caught was an 8 inch tiger tout. The brook we fish in has both brook trout and brown trout in it so the condition must be right for this phenomenom to occur(we hooked on to 12 brookies and landed a...
  20. Fly Fishing
    So I've been lucky to get out with the Saint John Kayak Angling Group quite a bit since the summer, but have not done much fly fishing since moving to New Brunswick. To be honest, I had not done much before either and am really pretty new to it. I'm looking to get together with anyone who would...
1-20 of 50 Results