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  1. Trout Fishing
    The type of trout species, the water body, and the personal preference of the angler. I tested the following three reel combinations for trout fishing. You can refer to 1. Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo This combination is ideal for catching small to medium-sized trout in streams...
  2. Trout Fishing
    Looking back on the early 2016 fishing season myself and the fellow anglers in my group cannot help but become extremely excited and optimistic for the upcoming 2017 fishing season. With the success we had early on and the beautiful conditions we had it made for a very enjoyable season for us...
  3. Trout Fishing
    So, I have only caught two rainbows in my life, both in Crooked creek and Shepody river. However recently I caught a fish which was certainly a rainbow, however it was much more silver than both of the other two I had caught before, as well as being fatter and longer. What I was wondering is if...
  4. Trout Fishing
    Just looking to start a discussion on spring trout flies when the water is sky high fast moving and ofter dirty. What are some of yor favorites?
  5. Trout Fishing
    Hi, so ive been fishing for some time now but i have never gone fishing in Kuchibouguac park, i was wondering if anyone would have pointers , and/or locations on where to go to get some good fishing done, preferably trout.
  6. Trout Fishing
    I know of a lake That might Have some Decent trout in it Ive caught a few myself thier never went back it was late in the season Never tried it at the first of the open season But if thiers any takers let me know I'd be glad have someone come on out and try it with me ! Some of you may even...
1-6 of 6 Results