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  1. Salmon Fishing
    1, hair bait is the most popular salmon bait, according to the weather, sunlight, water colour, fish species and other factors choosing the hair colour, or even mixed use. 2, spoon bait, with pink spoons can basically catch fish, and other colours to try more observation. 3, egg bait, real...
  2. Muskie Fishing
    Here is a great guide for all you new muskie fisherman out there. Helpful tips on rods,reel,tackle. This is a great video. Rob.
  3. Muskie Fishing
    There is lots of Muskie lures and Tackle at Canadian Tire in Fredericton, and Oromocto. Check it out. Rob.
  4. General Fishing Questions
    I have fishing gear etc but I always wanted to and don't honestly got the money for it a nice or even just a fly rod and reel you might have hanging around and don't use it for a 20 year old Kid with spunk (me), right now all i have is a hand me down* ugly stik that's about to kick the bucket...
1-4 of 4 Results