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  1. Sturgeon
    I'm would like to go sturgeon fishing at some point this year. I have never been before and I don't know anyone who has. I'm looking if someone could help me plan my first trip for sturgeon. I have a few basic questions like best time of year, what size rod and weight and of course some...
  2. General Fishing Questions
    Here is the new lead for the AOTY, any entries on the Spring lead after June 18 will count towards this. Enjoy the Summer's Fishing!! for the summer and fall I will not require the token - seems to cut down the number of entries, instead I will give a bonus 2000pts for each period/half month...
  3. Sturgeon
    i am heading up to the washademoak lake next week. anyone catch sturgeon there? i can only fish from shore. i know they are there because i have seen them jump and washed up. advice?
  4. Fishing in the News
    (APOLOGIES - Wrong title, unless Brian Perkins is "CountryMike", in which case he has an odd taste in online forum names! :) ) Evidence is plastered all over the Telegraph Journal's local section for the Saint John section. Decent story on sturgeon fishing and some nice shots of the enormous...
  5. Sturgeon
    If anyone here has space for one more person on their boat for the sturgeon hunt on Sunday, I would be willing to pay to get a spot! I would love to get out on the water this Sunday, but do not have access to a boat. Thanks, Daniel
  6. Sturgeon
    I have never fished for Sturgeon, but have been told it was fun. So this year i want to go catch my first one.... Where are some places where people have had great success catching Sturgeon, and would be a great place to land my first one?
  7. Sturgeon
    Hey fellas, I am an avid fisherman from Nova Scotia. I recently caught my largest fish being a striped bass measuring in about 37 inches. I have caught quite a few nice sized bass but I am looking for the fish of a lifetime without paying through the nose for an expensive charter. I want to...
1-7 of 7 Results