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  1. Striped Bass Fishing
    Anglers are restricted to the following gear types: 1) unbaited single barbless hook; 2) unbaited lure or spinner with a single barbless hook; 3) single barbless artificial fly; 4) baited or unbaited non-offset circle hook; 5) baited or unbaited lure or spinner with a non-offset circle hook...
  2. Striped Bass Fishing
    Hi, I started fishing striped bass last year and it was very fun, I was wondering if I can get lucky by this time of the year and have some bites in the cocagne/bouctouche area ? any suggestion ?
  3. Striped Bass Fishing
    Hi, I've been fishing striped bass for a few years with spinning rod and I would like a new challenge: Fly fishing for striped bass. The purpose of this post is to know what I need for rod and reel. I will mostly be fishing in the Shediac area and in Miramichi and northern NB. I already have a...
  4. General Fishing Questions
    Hi all, I going to visit family and having some fun in New Brunswick in Bouctouche and Moncton area at the end of July 2017. I am staying in Bouctouche near "Le pays de la Sagouine" and I wondering a couple of things... Can I catch striped bass around Bouctouche (I was checking the beach at...
  5. Trout Fishing
    Anyone ever fish the Napan River in Miramichi between Hwy 11 and the mouth of the river? Or above Hwy 11 for that matter? Curious about brookies and stripers.
  6. Striped Bass Fishing
    Has anyone had any luck fishing stripers in the reversing fall area lately? Have been fishing for stripers all of my life on the bellisle bay and Saint John River near Long Reach however have failed to ever land a striper. Desperate to get my hands on one before the end of the fishing season...
  7. Conservation
    Just published in "Trout Unlimited" and linked to the Atlantic Salmon Federation page. Climate news: Striped bass taking bite out of Atlantic salmon (original article here, with the Striped Bass paper that sparked the author's post linked at the bottom) Author is an avid trout fisherman and...
  8. Striped Bass Fishing
    Hi, I've been fishing the same area's around Saint John for the Past few Year's and am getting tired of the Same ol, Same ol. I'm wondering if there's any spots up St George Area to fish the Scoolies? Thanks
  9. Striped Bass Fishing
    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to start a thread about the Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study (MAES) that is now underway here in Fredericton and throughout the Saint John River. I am a new PhD student at the Canadian...
  10. General Fishing Questions
    Anybody else see this at the Moncton Fish & Game Assocation booth at the Moncton Sportmans Show on the weekend? Rob.
  11. Fishing in the News
    Page A4 for those who get the paper. I can't cut-and-paste from online so here's the summary. - Miramichi Salmon Association calls for an unrestricted striped bass season in the Miramichi estuary to control populations that are eating salmon smolt. - Population of stripers there is estimated...
  12. Striped Bass Fishing
    Fall stripers in the Reversing Falls has anyone had any luck can you catch them around now I few said it can be good and top water? or sinkign baits flies or lures , cranks poppers, live baits ? Just looking for best luck combo to get em on this time year around and also were would best smallie...
  13. Striped Bass Fishing
    Personally I think it's about time that our Striped Bass receive sport fish status. This would have many benefits, including added protection of this incredible species. Please take a moment to vote on the attached poll and feel free to weigh in on this topic by posting a message...
  14. Striped Bass Fishing
    Well, the local fisherman has put out his wiers in the Washademoak Lake, which I'm assuming means the gaspereau are going to start running up the St. John river here shortly. This being said, I have a few questions about the stripers. The striped bass must stick around to feed on the gaspereau...
  15. Striped Bass Fishing
    Anyone Ctach stripers at Rversing Falls if so what would be ideal baits to use? Specificly explained and why, I'd love to battle a striper never had the honour of hooking one I'd love to tomorrow ! Please reply Thanks All !
1-15 of 15 Results