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  1. General Fishing Questions
    Has any tried Mystery Tackle Box and/or Lucky Tackle Box? I have my first one coming in any day now and was just wondering what everyone's opinion is on them. Cheers, Jeff
  2. General Ice Fishing
    tried bait bomb (see bubbles rising in video) for first time and couldn't really tell if it attracted all that many fish but certainly didn't scare them away.
  3. General Ice Fishing
  4. Chain Pickerel Fishing
    Went out today for the first time in a new city and caught myself my first pickerel. Turned out to be 17 inches, and im just curious how that compares to what the " normal " is if its a worthy catch or not!
  5. General Ice Fishing
    not sure where
  6. General Fishing Questions
    Here is the new lead for the AOTY, any entries on the Spring lead after June 18 will count towards this. Enjoy the Summer's Fishing!! for the summer and fall I will not require the token - seems to cut down the number of entries, instead I will give a bonus 2000pts for each period/half month...
  7. Fly Fishing
    So I've been lucky to get out with the Saint John Kayak Angling Group quite a bit since the summer, but have not done much fly fishing since moving to New Brunswick. To be honest, I had not done much before either and am really pretty new to it. I'm looking to get together with anyone who would...
  8. Fly Fishing
    Hey All, Went fishing on Indian Lake last night - was my first time ever fishing a lake, or on a boat for that matter. The fish were jumping like crazy, but was hard to tell whether they were picks or bass or even trout. I tried every fly in my box, 3 different whooly buggers, a leach streamer...
  9. Chain Pickerel Fishing
    Is there anywhere along Kingston Creek where I can just stand on shore and fish for pickerel(or just really anything nice)?
  10. General Ice Fishing
    Got this off NB Muskie site.
  11. Chain Pickerel Fishing
    Hey, I have been to cassidy lake, minto and grand lake before fishing pickerel all with great luck! Just looking for something a little closer to home (Moncton). Love the excitement of pickerel fishing just looking for something a little closer. Thanks
  12. Chain Pickerel Fishing
    Anybody know of some pickerel tournaments happening this year? I want to get out to a couple this year.
  13. Chain Pickerel Fishing
    The only places i've been pickerel fishing are at The Dike in the Bellisle Bay, and at Bigs Cove, I want to go try out other spots...Where are some good places to go pickerel fishing?
  14. Illegal Activities
    Is it illegal to fish for pickerel in the Washademoak Lake this time of year. It's tidal water and I've been told by many people that you don't need a licence to fish in tidal water, and you can do it year round... Is this true??
1-20 of 27 Results